Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New York

To our dear admirers,

The Feathers brought in the year 2017 in the glittered, camel-toed, lip-synced capital of the world... New York, New York.  Hoping to leave her fashion adventures of an error-ridden year behind her, DL finally ditched her blush ruffled dress and opted for a less offensive ensemble of a black mesh shent over a black leotard tucked into black ankle pants, with a black leather fringed moto jacket on top.  Even in this forgiving attire she still threatened to expand the definition of curvy as she teetered around Times Square in her open-toed black stiletto gladiators that shouldn't have made it past New Year's Eve 2011.

We, of course, were sublime, darlings.  G was an appetizing vision in a red lace boat-neck sheath with a matching satin sash around her svelte waist.  Silver calfskin pumps finished the look with a metallic pop.  All eyes were on H as her hips swayed underneath a sparkly black velvet halter-neck evening gown with a cashmere shawl trimmed in elegant silver fox slung over her elbows.  On her feet?  Red silk sling-black heeled sandals that told everyone to take notice!, she and G were a coordinated pair for sure.

After midnight we escaped the crowds to relax in our penthouse suite and nibble on slices of genuine New York cheesecake topped with strawberries.  While we were on the private roof deck admiring the views of the darkened city, DL leaned against the railing and startled when it gave way behind her broad back.  G and H threw their heads back and laughed as their shiny long tresses rippled in the moonlight, a luxurious glimmer in their eyes.

xx & oo,
The Feathers